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Media Dark Ride

New way of storytelling

Key Features

Super compact dark ride for small spaces realisable
Proven systemlap bar systemturntable switch
Maximum capacity of multimedia dome



















  • No of Seats 2 x 2 in one vehicle
  • No. of vehicles 11
  • sample length of track 105 meter
  • Media dome 24 sec

Interactice System:

  • Effects (Wind, scent)
  • Multiple Video mappings and Media Screens, immersive
  • Dome projection, Hologram. (4K Projectors and Screens)
  • Multichannel audio system for bgm and sound effects.
  • All media are synched with the ride.


  • Dispatch 30 sec
  • sample duration of ride 330 sec
  • approx. THRC 500 pph






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