Media Dark Ride

New way of storytelling

Key Features

Super compact dark ride for small spaces realisable
Proven systemlap bar systemturntable switch
Maximum capacity of multimedia dome



















  • No of Seats 2 x 2 in one vehicle
  • No. of vehicles 11
  • sample length of track 105 meter
  • Media dome 24 sec

Interactice System:

  • Effects (Wind, scent)
  • Multiple Video mappings and Media Screens, immersive
  • Dome projection, Hologram. (4K Projectors and Screens)
  • Multichannel audio system for bgm and sound effects.
  • All media are synched with the ride.


  • Dispatch 30 sec
  • sample duration of ride 330 sec
  • approx. THRC 500 pph





Snorri Touren

The Media Dark Ride at Europa-Park.

Snorri Touren is a classic people mover dark ride by Mack Rides.
Together with our colleagues at Mack Animation and MackMedia we have created the story of ‘Snorri’, which was developed with sounds, video and film effects.
The hardware for projectors, light and sound as well as the theming have been delivered by external subcontractors of Europa-Park.






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