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A new interactive adventure

Key Features

360° Immersive Screen with fully Interactive Content
Ride System with Two Axis Movement
Interactive Guns on every Seat
Optional Effects (Water, Lighting, Scent, ...)









Ride Positions

Sample Ride Sequence:

  • Introduction (20s) – ride moving slowly, video and audio
  • Gameplay (35s) – ride halted, interactive gameplay
  • Ride Action (30s) – ride moving, audio, video and effects
  • Gameplay (35s) – ride halted or slowly moving, interactive gameplay
  • Ride Action (30s) – ride moving, boats turning, audio, video and effects
  • Toal Ride Time 150s







  • No of Boats 20
  • No of Seats 40
  • Dimensions Ø 19m
  • Max Speed 5.9m/s
  • Min Age 4 years
  • Min Height 1m

Interactive System:

  • Interactive Guns with Sound 40
  • Laser Projectors 8 x Full HD
  • Surround Sound System
  • Real Time 3D Graphics
  • Gameplay with Scoring per Player


  • Ride time 150s
  • Load Unload 90s
  • Rides per hour 15
  • THRC 600

Thematic examples: